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Five Tips to Best Results with Carpet Cleaning Rentals

February 27, 2013

Not all homeowners are able to afford hiring a specialist carpet cleaning contractor.  For cleaning schedule, it will cost spending more of your money.  The following tips will give you excellent advice about carpet cleaning rentals for that great result.couch cleaning

  1. First, check out the condition of your carpet.  How many carpets you want to clean?  Will you need to transfer the furniture? How long is your estimated time to clean it? Are your carpets stained and what are the types of stains?  In order to plan for a successful carpet cleaning, always consider these questions.
  2. Second, visit a store for a carpet cleaning rental.   A store that offers rent normally has high quality machines.  Mostly, commercial machines are used by the community carpet cleaning establishments.  The best choice to get the equipment is through the nearest rental shop.  However, do not buy cleaning solutions from their store.  Often, the price is more expensive than those you can buy from the local membership store.  Rates do vary depending on the kind of equipment.  But most of the cleaning rentals are approximately thirty dollars or more a day.
  3. Third, for best quality result, buy only the best cleaning chemical.  Avoid purchasing home-made steam cleaning substances because the price is more expensive.  You only need the usual product like the carpet extraction chemical.  Probably, you can also buy stain and blot removers based on the carpet’s state.  Most likely, chemicals to buy will not cost you more than fifty dollars.  If your carpet has urine stain of animals, you can consider a pet stain removal product or another similar product.
  4. Fourth, have a preliminary spray then rinse the carpet.  For best results, use a carpet extraction cleaner by pre-spraying it on the carpet.  To accomplish it, fill the solution tank with a combination of hot water and carpet extraction cleaner.  Sprinkle it on the carpet with the pump button and leave the vacuum motor to suck up the solution.  Pre-spraying will loosen the accumulated dirt, helping you to easily wash it.  Rinse the carpet with warm water to remove all the extraction cleaner. It leaves the entire carpet residue-free.
  5. Fifth, dry clean your carpet.  The final tip is to completely dry the carpet fast.  Open your door and windows to get enough ventilation inside.  You can also use industrial fans and even keeping the air conditioning running.  It helps to effectively vaporize the carpet’s moisture.  While you can’t totally get all the water from it, you can then quickly dry the carpet.  This will avoid issues on developing molds and unpleasant smell.  After cleaning, never leave it without proper air circulation as it will result to dampness problem.

Following the above tips will get your expensive carpets back into its original shape.  Certainly, you can clean well your own carpets by using the above tips.  Services of professionals are not always needed if you can do it the way they do it.


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