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Carpet Cleaning Tips: Three Phases of Effective Cleaning

February 26, 2013

Inside a typical home, carpets are great floor coverings you can find in living room. Their appearance either creates or breaks your place.  Carpets are at their best as long as they are new and clean. They can improve and enhance anything connected with it: furniture, photo frames, floor, walls, and ceilings.

A special machine that perfects the cleaning of a carpet—and it’s also easy to use—is the vacuum cleaner.  It helps suck out deep-seated dirt trapped from the fine fibers of your carpet.  It is useful in taking out allergens, particles, and dust that have long stayed on it.  While vacuum units can really clean, dealing with blots and stains need more extensive method to remove them permanently.

eco green cleaning

As technology evolves, carpets in homes have also improved in terms of cleaning them.  Before, carpet cleaning was just associated with baking soda just to remove the stains.  As years go by, people have formulated better cleaning products and techniques for a cleaner carpet.  Today, there are more cleaning chemicals available in the market than before.  New products like carpet shampoo, carbonated water, deep steam, protectors, and carpet powders can get rid of stains.  All of them claim to be effective products in stain and blot removal.

Basically, there are different stages that need completion when cleaning your carpet.  This is a sensitive task that requires correct way of cleaning.  Ignoring the three phases will only worsen your carpet’s condition.

  1. The initial phase involves the preliminary treatment.  It can be a minor carpet cleaning tip, but the truth is you have the most significant one.  It pre-conditions the carpet for the major cleaning. You only sprinkle it with a cleansing solution you can buy from the market.  Basically, it allows the dirt, dust, and particles to lift up and re-surface.  As a result, it makes all the particles softer and easier to be cleaned and treated.
  2. Next to it is the actual cleaning process.  Here the removal of the surface and bottom dirt will be obtained.  As stated, there are many ways of washing and cleaning dirty carpets; however, there are only three useful techniques that need more focus: water, dry and cold water extractions.  Generally, this approach works for a specific kind of cleaning.  But first, it is better to have a research which one is the best cleaning technique to use.  Following that, task will be accomplished in the most suitable way without leaving dirt residues.
  3. The third phase neutralizes your carpet resulting into the most presentable look as it should be.  The right way of carpet cleaning allows no dirt to be left after washing.  Instead, the carpet is guaranteed cleared of all the dirt and stains.  Cleaning normally leaves some substances on your carpet that can do more harm than good.  This last step should not be ignored.  Make sure the mat is really clean without any potential residues.  Subsequently, the carpet will look and feel softer as if it is new again

Protecting Environment by Getting Green

Whether your carpet is being serviced by an expert or you do the cleaning yourself, enough knowledge is important.  Today, the environment needs green methods in order to protect the nature.  Many green cleaning products are being used for carpet treatment and cleaning.  If you want the cleaning done this way, checkout the cleaning tools and chemicals you use.  Your natural environment will be grateful in your attempt to preserve it.  You can be part of protecting the nature from harm when you do it.

Carpets are precious things that need full care.  It is required to clean them regularly to keep their usefulness and attraction.  Only a well-cleaned carpet can create a nice-looking interior space.  In case you can’t clean it yourself, hire a specialist cleaning provider who can save your carpet from harm and loss.


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